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Today more than ever it is necessary to question the point and utility of school in everyday life. What is learned in the classroom is often inapplicable in real life situations. Many schools have not been able to reduce social inequality. An education for life must analyze and reflect on our reality as a social and cultural construction, which makes it susceptible to change.

Memorizing information does not guarantee that children develop the capacity to learn more, to solve problems or to live happily. It is important for us that what our students learn is useful for continued learning, in and outside of school. We believe that learning should be expressive. It should be a tool to recognize, analyze and solve situations in everyday life. Students should be able to use their experiences and knowledge as a way to continuously enrich their lives.


The pedagogical practices at Terramar Escuela Viva, A.C. are based on a deep understanding of children and adolescents in relation to the world. We regard our students as autonomous beings, infinitely capable of learning and of participating in the construction of their own knowledge. In a holistic vision of learning, art, science and humanities are all interconnected in order to provide our students a complete vision of the universe and themselves. Students´ learning and will are developed through academic instruction, artistic work, crafts and rhythmic activities. Their physical skills are cultivated through games, sports, Aztec dance and yoga. The student’s spirit evolves by encouraging empathy, compassion, friendship, harmony, participation in the community and healthy emotional development.

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