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In our preschool we understand children as beings close to their spirituality, with infinite possibilities of development. We support the child, accompanying him/her in his/her process of growth in a loving and respectful way, in a playful and peaceful environment.


Our main objective is that in this stage the little ones are assured and confident that they can go at their own pace in their capacity for action, in their particular way of relating to the world, learning to recognize and respect their own necessities and establish their own limits.





Interior and exterior activities of the preschool children occur accompanied by their educators, making them always feel comfortable, as though they are in an extension of their home.


The main preschool classroom was built with biodegradable techniques (straw and clay), contributing to an organic space to develop our activities where the children have art materials, clothes for dressing up, a play house, work tables, a carpeted area for games and storytelling, as well as their season table, where they light a candle on certain occasions, such as when a special story is being told.


We also have an atelier, or workshop, in which the children use diverse materials for different forms of artistic expression, such as paper, clay, wood, wire, cloth, paint, brushes...


Outside of the classroom we have tables with sand and water, a swing and playground where students can climb and run around. Preschool shares certain spaces with the elementary school, such as the library, kitchen, basketball court and a large, beautiful garden.





The interests of the children will always be the starting point to develop their work. This way they will learn to act upon things that happen and reflect upon the effects of their actions. They will have the opportunity to observe and experiment with their classmates and establish social relationships that favor their whole development, going rhythmically from one activity to the next to assimilate and integrate the adequate knowledge for their age and stage of development.


The preschool classroom as well as the didactic elements that we use include natural materials of diverse shapes and textures such as wood, wire, fabric, paper, quality paints, shells, rocks, sticks, plants, etc. We also use musical instruments, concrete materials such as Montessori, and the appropriate furniture for plastic art.


Some of the activities included in the weekly rhythm are:

*Learning about one’s envirnoment, exploring the five senses

*Spoken language, preparation for writing and reading

*Introduction to mathematical logic through concrete materials

*Practical life skills

*Space for symbolic game

*Theater with storytelling and singing

*Somatic and sound expression


*Field trips

*Plastic arts and ceramic.

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