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Culture, knowledge and healthy development of the spirit promote wisdom and are the best antidote for intellectual, spiritual and economical poverty.




Our fundamental values are based on integration; equal opportunities; non discrimination; the right for quality, universal, humanistic and integrated vision of education; respect for nature, culture and identity; and respect for the intellectual and emotional growth of each student.


If these are our values, how could we exclude students who are not able to pay a monthly tuition? We know that by opening the doors to these children and to their families, we will be able to reach out to a larger percentage of the population and society in our town, enormously enriching the life of all. This way, we are achieving an integration of the two sectors of the population of Tepoztlan that up until now have remained separate: the locals and those who have arrived from outside.


Since 2008, when we opened the school, more than 100 children have benefited from some kind of economic support; from 25% of their anual tuition costs, to whole scholarships for the ones most in need. These scholarships are given after a profound analysis of the family´s situation from our Scholarship Counsel. We support single mothers and children from campesinos and domestic workers automatically.


Obtaining the economic support necessary to continue giving scholarships to these children is fundamental to the Terramar project. Our students who receive scholarships earn excellent grades and take advantage of the education Terramar provides for them. These students also demonstrate significant advances in other fields that we consider important, such as social interaction, self confidence, perspective and personal development.





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