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Throughout all levels of Terramar Living school we have visits and outings to different places. We have also received memorable visits from artists, musicians, teachers from all over the world (THANKS TO EVERYONE!). Once a year, we organize a camping trip with all the students, their families and the school staff to a wonderful natural place, which allow us to share some time together in a relaxed maner so that we get to know each other and reinforce our sense of community. 


PRESCHOOL students have a weekly outing to the countryside or to other places within our town. This way they get to know the hills, the rivers, neighborhoods, museums, churches and market in town. 


ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students get to know various sites within the county and state of Morelos, including museums, archaeological sites and historical monuments like Xochicalco and the Palace of Hernan Cortes in Cuernavaca. We also attend events that are important for their education or for the community.


5th AND 6th GRADERS have an anual camping trip to a dfferent state. This trip includes visiting an important natural place as well as one that has historical relevance, which gives us the opportunity to study the pre-hispanic, colonial and contemporary history of such place. This way, our students experiment contact with different uses and customs, flavors, eco-systems and cultures. This trips are also very important for the development of their sense of responsibility and independence.We have visited the states of Michoacán, Veracruz and Oaxaca.


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