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The elementary school, which begins with the second seven-year period in the life of the child, occurs during a stage of development in which, through feeling, through the appreciation of beauty and all that surrounds us, through participation in community decisions, and through the strengthening of the child’s identity and will, he or she acquires the tools to appropriate the “how”--that is to say, the way in which the child will develop his or her processes. It is the moment that prepares them to be able to establish, eventually, sound judgment. It is the stage during which the child can begin to learn about ethics through example.


It is because of this that in our school all of the academic subjects are reinforced with artistic work and permaculture. The students don’t only have plastic art classes, theater, music and ceramics--they also participate in the construction of the spaces that are of interest to them, such as the rabbit house or the green house which they use to germinate seeds for the school garden.


In order to foster integration and harmony among our students, many of the activities at Terramar Living School include students from different grades.



Academically, grades are divided in the following form:


1st and 2nd grade: LEVEL I

3rd and 4th grade: LEVEL II

4th and 5th grade: LEVEL III


Reduced groups and a small, gender-balanced staff, aswell as the fact that the school is located in a house with full working kitchen, the living room converted into a library and a big, beautiful woods-like garden next to a small river, contribute to the overall homey, family feeling of the school.



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