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The most efficient integration of academic knowledge, artistic ability and real life problem solving occurs through our work in Projects.


Following Terramar Living School´s academic curriculum, we give students an opportunity to choose a topic that they want to investigate. The students form teams that are composed of boys and girls from different grades; by forming the projects in this way, we give students the opportunity to share their knowledge and creativity with other pupils from all different levels and ages.


During the investigation, teachers work with students to decide how the project is going to be presented: through a play, diorama, discourse, video, or outing. The goal is to apply all of the abilities and knowledge that the students have developed in their different classes.


Finally, through the projects, students obtain a creative panoramic vision of the topics that we propose. They learn how to apply their learning, to speak in public, and to have more confidence in their knowledge. Their projects are then presented to the rest of the school.

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