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Among individuals, as among nations,

respect for other´s rights is peace.

                                    Benito Juárez

One of the fundamental rights of children is the freedom of expression and the active participation in their development, community and society.  In Terramar Living School, students learn to participate in community decisions through weekly assemblies in which they discuss and suggest improvements for their school and community. They resolve conflicts between students or with teachers, reach agreements on how to share, establish behavioral rules, ask questions about their doubts and discuss national and international events.


Also important is participation of the family community with the school, since we all share the responsibility of educating our children. We know that daily learning with the family, each one with it’s own cultural baggage, determines children´s values, their learning processes, and their capacity to be happy. We value and incorporate customs and beliefs of the families in our daily work.


The directive board of the assembly is composed of boys and girls from different grades and is democratically re-elected every two months. Being honest and responsible, we always try to arrive at general understandings, molding our decisions in a manner so that we are all in agreement. We vote when we are unable to reach a unanimous decision.

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