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Founded upon the notions of what is good, beautiful and true, we are a multicultural school open to the whole community. We offer a quality education that incorporates the arts, trades, permaculture, participation in the community and physical activities with academic subjects, offering to our students the necessary tools to obtain a better quality of life.

Based on the principles of acceptance, equal opportunity, universal education and solidarity; supported by a team of dedicated teachers and a committed group of parents, we have developed an educational community sustained by respect, trust and love, where the children are happy, where their interests and their personal rhythms are respected; where students relate to each other through empathy, and where intimidation, threats and bullying are eliminated.


Through a scholarship and financial aid program we have achieved the integration of children from all the social strata regardless of their emotional, physical or mental state. Our students who receive scholarships come from families with few resources. These children have demonstrated significant advances in their self-confidence, personal development, and social interactions—these advances are then passed on to their families, concluding a cycle of community social work.


Preschool, elementary, middle school in Tepoztlan, Mor.

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