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In an effort to extend our work beyond the school´s boundaries, we are also focusing on the creation of participative projects for the comunity. We are in the process of developing different strategies and programs for ecological and bio-sustainable projects to respectfully raise the community members´ quality of life, aswell as      the community work that Terra Mar Escuela Viva A.C. is doing in order to join forces with other ONG´s dedicated to education, culture, agronomy, ecology and the general development of human beings.


We are presently looking for funding for the following, among others:




*Generating an etno-botanical garden, community orchard, cultivation field and local species nursery for reforestation after seasonal fires.


*Cleaning our streams and rivers.


*The importance of education as a community integration tool to help erradicate problems like domestic violence, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, bullying, or gender inequallity.


*Coaching women to create work groups focused on nutrition and health in order to strengthen their economy and independence, fostering gender equality.


*Development of new tecnologies the production and commercialization of organic and biological crops and products.



Etno-botanical garden and nursery


In the zone called Tepexoxotla, (a part of Tepoztlan), we are planning to construct an ethnobotany garden where we will grow plants that are native to this region such as pochote, amate, medicinal herbs, etc,  in an effort to rescue our natural areas and to create a community space for learning and recreation.  


Cleaning our streams and rivers


The rivers and river beds of Tepoztlan have for years been subjected to waste from the streets and surrounding houses, given that currently there is very little awareness of how to correctly dispose of waste.


Our proposal is to generate, fund and coordinate a campaign that involves public and private schools in Tepoztlan, to clean our rivers and river beds.


This would include contests for poster design, coordinating clean up commitees, generating a level of popular awareness through clear and useful information, finding municipal and state support to offer the community the necessary equipment to build dry toilets, bio-digestors and systems to reuse water.




For all of those who decide to become a part of this intrepid adventure, creating a school that crosses (transgresses?) the established limits; where art, permaculture, working by project, active participation in community decisions are all elements that support the free development of girls and boys regardless of their social, economic or cultural background; regardless of their physical or mental state.  We are always open to exchanging ideas, wisdom and methodology, to giving workshops, to organizing curriculums, to looking for ways to work together….anything that can support the immplementation and achievement of these types of projects.

We are also open to and greatly appreciation the help of other people and/or organizations who wish to share their wisdom





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