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Art not only feeds creativity and imagination, it also is conductive to liberation, conflict resolution, cultivating an appreciation of beauty and strengthening self esteem.


More than an accessory, art is part of the educational structure at Terramar. Artistic expression and appreciation are comprehensive resources that allow the students to approach the practice of art and the development of their personal, social and historic culture through visual, musical, theatrical and literary languages.


The middle school integrates art as well as the teaching of trades like mechanics and building through workshops. This way students learn to transform their surroundings in a responsible and harmonic way.



Awaken sensitivity

Develop the imagination

Exercise of freedom

Strengthening of personal identity

Recognizing cultural identity

Cultivation of aesthetic appreciation

The formation of a meditative and creative state


Students practice their emotional, cognitive and motor skills by solving technical art problems in their small projects and works of art, products of their expression.



Artistic appreciation


Through the instruction and analysis of different artists and works representative of art history, students obtain an inclusive vision of the art history of Africa, Asia, Europe, pre-columbian and contemporary America. We analyze, copy and reinterpret prehispanic codices, engravings and architecture, contextualizing it in the study of art from the rest of the world.


Contents of Activities of Plastic Arts


*Management of instruments and materials

*Precision exercises

*Elements of visual communication

*Application of color and for

*Appreciation and creation of sacred geometry





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