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One of our main objectives is to co-create quality cultural and educational spaces that satisfy human being´s evolutionary needs. We integrate different sectors of the community, providing a rich intellectual, spiritual and physical formation for children and adolescents, regardless of the student’s social, economic, physical or cultural background.


Our school is multicultural.  We integrate families from diverse social strata. We offer a quality education and are attentive of our cultural, historical and ecological heritage.  Many of our families are Tepoztecan and have few resources.  Our students have access to a quality education which, based on respect, trust and love, incorporates in a holistic manner the arts and trades with the goal of giving students the tools to achieve a higher quality of life.


Our goal is to broaden the cultural horizons of our students and promote their integration in their surroundings through community participation, the revival and rescue of our trandions and our past, work with the land, somatic and spiritual exercise, cultivation of the arts (such as theater, where recognizing and mastering control of emotions is a priority, or plastic arts as a vehicle to access universal history).


In 2012, we incoporated to our education project a middle school education, the Terramar Secudaria.

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