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OUR VISION is that all girls and boys have the right to be educated in an environment of respect, trust and love, that is conductive to the development of their imagination, their creativity, their will, and empathy with the universe so that their learning permits them to grow freely and realize their potential in any field, based on solid and clear ethical principles.


OUR MISSION is to offer an education that stimulates the senses and the intelligences of the children and adolescents, to see them develop their own criterias, discover and invent for themselves; to offer a live, honest, dedicated education that is constantly enhanced through a permanent dialogue between aesthetics and ethics, so that the task of educating becomes an art in itself.




  • Equality between all human beings.

  • Respect as a basis of our relationships.

  • Love as a constant goal, for one’s self and for the universe.

  • Valuing, recovering and caring for our surroundings.

  • Regarding the human beings as inherently noble.

  • Appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us and our creations.

  • Responsibility to awaken our historical conscience.

  • The right for all to be happy.




  • To contribute to the whole development of the human being.

  • To cultivate inteligence, emotiveness, self confidence and a personal criteria for the students.

  • To foster proactive people who can employ their imagination and creativity in looking for answers, who solve problems, who are capable of collaborating with their peers, of implementing the scientific method, of investigating to have well founded opinions.

  • To encourage the ability of the students to imagine, design, and carry out projects.

  • To detect and cultivate the talent of each student in order to stimulate their personal evolution.

  • To rescue, share and enrich our cultural and historical heritage.

  • To promote the participation of students in their community.

  • To encourage love and pride for our language through reading, analyzing texts and creative writing.

  • To foster love for nature and a desire to care for our surroundings through the practice of permaculture and the development of biosustainability.

  • To promote the love for art through practice and knowledge of art history.

  • To contribute to the physical and spiritual development of our students by cultivating and strengthening their body, their mind and their spirit.


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