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We have formed a team of first rate teachers who are dedicated to providing for students an school environment filled with peace and self control. These teachers are interested in developing a solid educational project through inclusive and proactive curriculums, supporting student’s work through projects, democratic exercises and the development of self sustainability, co-creating an educative space that satisfies the essential necessitites of the human beings of the third millenium.


SCHOOL CYCLE: 2013-2014



Main Teacher: Genaro Maya Santillana 

English and Arts: Déborah Walters

Somatic Expression: Gala Saavedra



NIVEL I (1st & 2nd grades): Marian Galan

NIVEL II (3rd & 4th grades): Chelsea Jennings

NIVEL III (5th & 6th grades): Antón González

Plastic Arts: Gabriela Retes

Theatre, music, ceramics: Andrés Loewe

Physical Ed: Betzabet Casarrubias

Yoga: Mariana García



Coordinator: Bárbara Mora

Language: Juan Claudio Retes

Math, permaculture: David Pérez Vega

Sciences: Armando Rivera Campos

Plastic Arts: Silvia García (ENAP)

Theatre: Bárbara Mora

Eco-tecnics: Carlos Gómez (Flint Tékpatl), Déborah Walters

Physical Ed: Betzabet Casarrubias



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