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      Branch: 7175

      Account Number: 015

      Clabe: 002549717500000158

      Swift Code: BNMMXMXMM


Why donate to Terramar:


  • Through its scholarship and financial support program, Terramar has positively impacted the lives of children in Tepoztlan, as well as their community.

  • Terramar is an educational project that, asides from the academic, considers the individual needs of its students through personalized attention.

  • We are a school recognized by UNESCO, for our co-relating principles as well as for the historical and cultural work that we do. 

  • Today, Terramar offers preschool, elementary and secondary education; our goal is to provide access to a quality education for as many children and adolescents as possible, for this benefits to extend to our society at large.

  • Since our non-profit is authorized by the Mexican Government Secretaria de Hacienda, donations are tax deductible in Mexico.


How to donate to Terramar:


  • Pay for a scholarship between several friends.

  • Support us with whatever donation you are able to contribute.

  • Recommend us to people who may be interested in contributing.

  • Share our project with friends, family, and with the uncle who has just won the lottery.

  • Remember that you choose the amount and frequency of your donation.


The full scholarship is $3,250 Mexican pesos per month, or $39,000 Mexican pesos annually. The scholarship price includes the materials for academics, the arts, physical education and permaculture.